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About Us

Karan Puri Foundation is an initiative of Late Arti Puri who cooks and feeds fresh food for over 450 cats and dogs every day.

Be it a hot summer day or a cold winter afternoon, there is no force on earth that can stop Late Arti Puri from her daily ritual of cooking a fresh meal for hundreds of animals on the road. The founder of Karan Puri Foundation, a trust that she started in the memory of her late husband, she is devoted to serving 450 stray cats and dogs a warm and large portion of food, every single day of the year.
Irrespective of her age and health, she climbs up her third floor terrace everyday where a kitchen is made, at noon and spends good three to four hours preparing food for these voiceless beings.
She is supported by her daughter Divya Puri – an animal activist and rescuer, the mother daughter duo work tirelessly and spend a huge portion of their personal funds to serve the strays. There is not a single day. Lockdown or no lockdown that they stopped cooking and feeding their strays. They are always hoping that more animal lovers will collaborate and support their cause.

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