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What we do

Feeding - Foundation runs a daily feeding programme through which 450 stray cats and dogs are fed every night. We also support other feeders who want to but are unable to feed their community animals.

Spay and Neuter - Mating season for street dogs often ends in the death of puppies or their mothers. Food on the street is limited; the puppies often do well until they’re able to walk. Traffic kills thousands of puppies every year. As they enter their second month of life, their mothers’ milk is no longer enough to

feed them. Roaming in search of any scrap, the puppies–and the mother, grow emaciated from lack of food. Often, the whole family perishes from diseases related to malnutrition. Spay-neuter stops this heart-breaking tragedy.
Since the foundation currently doesn’t have a shelter of its own we take help from other organization to carry out our Spay and Neuter activities.

Street Animal Rescue - Most cities across India don’t have an emergency helpline, a hospital, or a shelter for suffering street animals. Wounded and sick animals in those cities don’t get the treatment and care they desperately need.
Street animal rescue is vital not only for the individual animals in need of medical aid and care, but for animal protection in general. As long as injured animals suffering without care or treatment in the streets is the norm, we can’t even begin to hope for abuse to be stopped or for large scale animal suffering in factory farms and laboratories to be given a second thought. The Foundation works actively in rescuing injured animals. Most of them are taken to private vet for treatment. Injured animals are treated on the spot to the extent possible. In case, extensive medical aid is required the injured animal is shifted to private medical boarding.

Annual Vaccinations - All dogs under our care are annually vaccinated against rabies, canine distemper, parvo virus, hepatitis, leptospirosis, and dewormed on a regular basis. Rabies inoculation is internationally recognized to be the most effective and humane means of population and rabies control.